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Workshops for high school students

SalvationPC’s cadillac business model relies heavily on the participation of a high number of volunteers i.e the grass-roots movement comprising of high school students through volunteering and learning programs.

As part of expansion, we are planning to begin an educational service with our non-profit by providing workshops for younger students who are eager to learn about computer hardware or potentially joining SalvationPC as volunteers. These seminars will be held at community centers across the Bay Area and will seek to inspire students who may also seek to instill positive change into their community through a passion for volunteering.


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Who We Are

Founded by high school students in late 2017, SalvationPC is a non-profit organization fueled by passion and a love for technology. Paul Kalebu met the team in 2018, where he volunteered to provide guidance to SalvationPC's mission. With this partnership, SalvationPC continues to receive numerous donations within the Bay Area and seeks to find more places to refurbish and donate the tech gear they receive from generous donors. 

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