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Salvation PC - Our unique proposition value

One day, a seasoned silicon valley entrepreneur asked me how SalvationPC differentiates from other non profits for computers. interesting... We never articulated clearly our unique value proposition ...

Our solution will stretch the lifespan of the the electronic devices by efficiently re-distributing refurbished devices like computers, tablets, mobile phones to people in need.

We will adopt three prong strategy to increase the lifespan of electronic devices.

Intelligent Control Dashboard

ML based predictor to rank our depot locations and recommends an efficient routing for pickups and drop offs.

Predict and adjust targeted marketing for collection campaigns using various socio-economic signals and social network feeds

Schedule optimized pickups for maximizing loads to provide transportation efficiencies

Categorized barcode label for each component to track “cradle-to-grave” 

Generate optimal e-waste depot points.

Scalable depot network

Scalable collection depot network to categorize the devices as repackageble, refurbishable or extract key components and move to e-waste agencies.

High-touch support and distribution

Donate the refurbished devices to customers in need with high-touch model of installs, training and support.


Who We Are

Founded by high school students in late 2017, SalvationPC is a non-profit organization fueled by passion and a love for technology. Paul Kalebu met the team in 2018, where he volunteered to provide guidance to SalvationPC's mission. With this partnership, SalvationPC continues to receive numerous donations within the Bay Area and seeks to find more places to refurbish and donate the tech gear they receive from generous donors. 

Contact Us:
Federal Tax ID (EIN): 83-1740336
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