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Salvation PC - Our story

Upon encouragement from my teacher/mentor, Michael Acheatel, I have decided to start blog : how we started SalvationPC, our trials and tribulations and modest impact to the community.

In search for a volunteering opportunity, I sought to discover something that has a practical, real world application. I was in search of a job that can teach me values necessary to help and care for others in my community. This desire motivated me to join the volunteering services at Good Karma Bikes, where I spent several weekends over the summer of 2017 repairing bicycles that would be redistributed for underprivileged.

Inspired by my work at Good Karma Bikes the previous summer, I sought to create a new means of helping others that encompassed my love for technology as a whole. In late December, I founded my non-profit called SalvationPC, which I began to develop extensively throughout the summer.

Bringing access to educational opportunities to those who cannot afford it, SalvationPC receives donations of computer hardware that we distribute to the less privileged in the Bay Area. Apart from saving individuals the strenuous labor of repairing parts that require refurbishing, my team hand delivers the finished product to any desired location within the area. From meeting our beneficiaries to communicating with eager volunteers, my work as a leader taught me valuable societal skills. Prior to this endeavor, I was never met with the challenges of public communication nor the burden of legal matters.

Last summer, I sought to hire more volunteers from high schools as well as reach out to community centers that sought computers and other electronics as a part of their services. I began communicating regularly with Oakland Public Library for donating to their laptop lending program as well as any individuals that personally reached out to me through our neighborhood forums. After receiving numerous donations, my team and I were inspired to expand our idea and potentially provide a viable community service option to students as Good Karma Bikes had done for me. 


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Who We Are

Founded by high school students in late 2017, SalvationPC is a non-profit organization fueled by passion and a love for technology. Paul Kalebu met the team in 2018, where he volunteered to provide guidance to SalvationPC's mission. With this partnership, SalvationPC continues to receive numerous donations within the Bay Area and seeks to find more places to refurbish and donate the tech gear they receive from generous donors. 

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