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Ad grant from Google

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

How to setup revenue for a non profit like has been big issue all along. We have been relying on  three main sources for revenue streams - 

  • Charitable donations from corporations like Google, FB etc., foundations and individuals.

  • Direct sales of products and components: New-like working products to buyers like and on Unrepairable components to e-waste buyers for recycling.

  • Annual maintenance, support and training contracts with organizations like schools, communities which accept our donations.

Well, plans are great how effective we have been... Google has been generous with ad grant but building a volunteer workforce to execute other tasks been quite challenging...

My mentor says, Rome was not build in one year :)


Who We Are

Founded by high school students in late 2017, SalvationPC is a non-profit organization fueled by passion and a love for technology. Paul Kalebu met the team in 2018, where he volunteered to provide guidance to SalvationPC's mission. With this partnership, SalvationPC continues to receive numerous donations within the Bay Area and seeks to find more places to refurbish and donate the tech gear they receive from generous donors. 

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Federal Tax ID (EIN): 83-1740336
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