Leadership Team

Joshua Valluru is a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania (& Harker alumni), where he pursues many of his interests including jazz guitar, programming, and writing poetry. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his dogs and volunteering at Good Karma Bikes. Joshua aspires to combine his interests in music and computer programming as a part of a future career path.

David Zhang is a Fremont High School student intent on sharing his passion and love of everything computer-related. He is a member of Fremont’s debate club and cross country team. In his free time David likes to run his mouth and run away from the fallout, but he also enjoys refurbishing vintage keyboards and programming.

Nicholas Yi is a senior at The Harker School. He is interested in machine learning and its applications and hopes to spread his love of computers with his local community. He is particularly passionate about service, and how it can be used for social change. Outside of school, you can find him shooting at the archery range or playing bassoon in the school orchestra.

Amos You is a student at Fremont High School who actively participates in Fremont’s debate club and tennis team. During his free time, he is especially fond of exploring nature through early morning hikes or long hours on the bike. Motivated to help others, Amos hopes to get hands-on to spread his knowledge on computers and technology.

Paul's high school days are long gone, but he's chosen to relive them as a mentor for SalvationPC. He spent his undergrad at MIT, where he had the opportunity to learn about the world around him and how to use technology to make it a better place. Today, Paul is an embedded software engineer at Akruta. Outside Akruta, he likes to listen to podcasts, explore nature and try new food.

Jerry Wu is a senior at Homestead High School. He is an aspiring software engineer with the hopes of garnering similar interests within his community. If you look close enough, you can find him either biking or at your local gym.


Thanks to the high school volunteers from our 4 school branches!

If you are interested in volunteering with SalvationPC, please reach out to us! We are looking for students who are interested in tech and want to give back to their community.

Who We Are

Founded by high school students in late 2017, SalvationPC is a non-profit organization fueled by passion and a love for technology. Paul Kalebu met the team in 2018, where he volunteered to provide guidance to SalvationPC's mission. With this partnership, SalvationPC continues to receive numerous donations within the Bay Area and seeks to find more places to refurbish and donate the tech gear they receive from generous donors. 

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Federal Tax ID (EIN): 83-1740336
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